Tati / Papi (Grandma & Grandpa) Arabica & Robusta Blends Armenian Coffee

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Tasty and aromatic selection of fine ground coffee for brewing in the coffee pot. Tati / Papi (stands for Grandma & Grandpa) is a perfect match both for lovers of Arabica and Robusta! Natural, medium roasted, ground coffee. Blend of thoroughly picked Robusta (Tati) and Arabica (Papi) grades.

Tati” is a blend of selected types of Robusta. Fans of medium roast coffee will surely appreciate this delicate taste. Made in Armenia. Coffee Bean Origin: Cameroon/Indonesia/India

Papi” is a blend of different types of Arabica. This strong-roast coffee with rich aroma will make your day special! Made in Armenia. Coffee Bean Origin: Cameroon/Ethiopia

Since these 2 blends represent the symbol of Artsakh known as We Are Our Mountains, they are inseparable and are always sold in pair!

2 Bags of 100g each ( about 3.5oz per bag). Each 2 grams makes 1 Armenian coffee cup size coffee (about the size of an espresso cup of around 3oz).

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Cooking Instructions:

Add one teaspoon of Kaffa Coffee per one cup of water (feel free to add a bit more for a stronger/thicker taste, but not too much more as the excess coffee after cooking may be too much) . Add sugar as desired and cook it in a Jazve Coffee Pot maker. Keep the heat on until the water starts to rise rapidly to the top of the Jazve and turn off the heat right before the water has reached to the top. Poor slowly into coffee cup and enjoy.

Shelf life 24 months from packing date. Consume within 3 weeks of opening for fresh taste. Once open, keep in a dry, cool place.

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2 reviews for Tati / Papi (Grandma & Grandpa) Arabica & Robusta Blends Armenian Coffee

  1. misakbav (verified owner)

    Enjoying this Armenian coffee very much. I alternate each day between the Tati & Papi. haven’t figured out yet which one i like more so will keep drinking it until i do. Looking forward to trying some of the other blends.

    • Kaffa Co

      Hello Misak, thank you so much! Well, if this helps- Tati is a medium blend and Papi is a bit stronger. Each of the blends have their unique taste. By the way, we have enabled Points now- and if you leave a review on our page, it will generate 500 points in your account. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Lilian (verified owner)

    Both Tati and Papi are tasty and aromatic, a true delight for coffee drinkers!

    • Kaffa Co

      Thank you Lilian for this comment!

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