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The Numbers "N" line of Kaffa offer a complete line up of blends, starting with N1's strong roast rich coffee, to the N3 strong/medium blend of Arabica and Robusta, and the N5's mild unique Arabica blend that is light and soft in taste, and ending with the premium N10 - using crisp Arabica blends for coffee lovers of pronounced tanginess taste. Get the bundle or one of the bags on their own. the N1/N3/N5 come in 100 gram or 250gram option.

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Kaffa is the premium Made-In-Armenia Coffee brand – the company was founded by the best professionals in the field of coffee production in Armenia, giving the Armenian coffee market a much needed new taste & aroma of special sorts of coffee. Various blends of Kaffa use special types of Arabica & Robusta from countries such as Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Ethiopia, Vietnam. We are excited to make this line of unique coffee available now in USA & Canada. We also offer reduced rate shipping to other countries such as South America, Europe and Australia, etc.

With 12 Armenian fine-grind blends, and 3 instant blends, deciding which one to try the first time may not be easy, and not everyone will like every blend- but having tried them all ourselves, we can assure you there is a blend in this long list that you will like! We have provided some detailed information on each product page that gives hints of the strength/type of the coffee and the bean origins. If you need assistance in selecting blends before purchase, feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions based on your taste and preferences.

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With over 15 blends to choose from, all made in Armenia, Kaffa Coffee comes in a variety of coffee bean origins from all over the globe, all hand picked and blended to perfection by our coffee specialists. For the Armenian/Eastern categories, you will need an Armenian Coffee Pot (Jazve) to cook the coffee. For the Instant category blends, all you need is a cup and some hot water! So be sure to check out all the blends and have fun.

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  • N3 Eastern Coffee Medium Roast 50% 50% ($5.99$10.99)
    reviewed by Mtadevos

    By far my favorite blend of coffee by Kaffa. It is well balanced and gives me the needed refreshing kick both in the morning and in the afternoon when I need to get extra energy to keep me going. If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out.

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  • Tati / Papi (Grandma & Grandpa) Arabica & Robusta Blends Armenian Coffee ($10.00)
    reviewed by Lilian

    Both Tati and Papi are tasty and aromatic, a true delight for coffee drinkers!

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