Making Armenian Coffee

There are several video instructions available on making/cooking Armenian coffee. You will need an Armenian Coffee Pot (referred to as Jazve), some Armenian fine grind coffee, and a stove top. Technically you can pour the coffee in any cup, or get special Armenian coffee cups which are roughly the size of an espresso coffee cup. Most importantly, Getting the right coffee prepared is an art form- take the following information as a general guide, and feel free to experiment with the various parameters and techniques- such as how much coffee to add per cup, how much to stir the coffee while cooking, etc.

General Cooking instructions:

Add one teaspoon of Kaffa Coffee per one cup of water (feel free to add a bit more for a stronger/thicker taste, but not too much more as the excess coffee after cooking may be too much) . Add sugar as desired and cook it in a Armenian Coffee Pot (jazzve) maker. Keep the heat on until the water starts to rise rapidly to the top of the Jazve and turn off the heat right before the water has reached to the top. Poor slowly into coffee cup and enjoy.

We will be adding Armenian Coffee cups and cooking pots (Jazzve) soon to our store. In the meantime, you can find one on amazon.

A good article on Armenian coffee making can be found on

Following are some great video instructions available for further detail: