About Kaffa Co.

Kaffa Co. was started in January 1st 2021, with the idea of bringing quality Armenian Coffee to USA/Canada markets. The goal is to present quality Armenian products in outside of Armenia markets, giving the consumers quality product options with excellent service, and also to help and encourage the growing economy of Armenia.

The original Kaffa company of Armenia was founded by the best professionals in the field of coffee production in Armenia, giving the Armenian coffee market a much needed new taste & aroma of special sorts of coffee. Various blends of Kaffa use special types of Arabica & Robusta from countries such as Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Ethiopia, Vietnam.

Currently Kaffa has 12 blends of Armenian coffee, 3 blends of instant coffee, and various one-cup size “sticks” of instant coffee products mixed with sugar/cream of different combinations (2-in-1, 3-in1, 4-in1).

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  1. Mr Vahe the owner is a great person ,He is very generous to help Armenia, with his premium armenian coffee that i am very satisfied i support his company, i will strongly promote his coffee and i will tell all my contacts and my church about his coffee and his e-commerce.
    Thank you Vahe
    keep it up
    by my self iam a drop , together we are an ocean.

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